Voyage Repairs: The Lost Art of the Wrench

When I first entered the fleet in 1988, it was unheard of to call for outside assistance on any kind of repairs unless ship’s force had already exhausted all means to correct the problem. However, by the end of my career in 2007 it had become the norm to call for help instead of trying…More

The Tenatious Torch – USS Dahlgren DDG-43

This stage of the journey began where the desire to ‘glow in the dark’ ended. After being removed from the Nuclear Power Training Program in Ballston Spa New York, I was transferred to the Naval Submarine Base in Groton Connecticut to await orders for my transfer to the fleet. While stationed at the sub base,…More

The Persian Excursion

December, 1990: Around this time in my career, I was a Second Class Machinist Mate assigned to Main Machinery Room Number 1. I had been onboard for just over a year after serving for two years on a Farragut Class Destroyer (USS Dahlgren DDG 43).  While we were getting ready for the holiday stand down,…More

Happy Research Accident

One of my hobbies is History, specifically World War II. Recently, I started picking up Short Snorters. I have challenged myself to finding as many of the people who signed the individual bills or the chain of bills and trying to relate their story and how it contributed to the progress of the war in…More

Operation Nothern Eagle: USS NITZE Operates With the Soviet Navy

Operation: Northern Eagle Joint Exercise with the Russian Federation Navy     In August 2006, USS NITZE was tasked with a once in a lifetime opportunity – a joint exercise with the Soviet Navy. Our mission with the Soviet Navy was a joint exercise to share methods for Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO), Search and Rescue…More