The Adventures of Super Puppy: Origins…

My name is Ashton, my destiny is Super Puppy,,,

I didn’t start out life knowing how special I am. In fact, my life started out quite the opposite. Me and my baby sister were taken from our mommy on a cold February morning and dropped off the side of a dirt road in very rural Pennsylvania. We were fortunate that a friendly hooman came to our rescue and put us in his nice warm truck, gave us some soft things to cuddle, and… WATER! He took us to this big building with nice people who gave us a home with food care and love. But I am shy and my sister was getting all of the attention. This place made me feel safe but it also made me feel sad and lonely because it wasn’t home.

Well, after a mazillion years at the shelter with my sister, we see this nice lady walking through playing with the puppies. It looks like she wants to take one home! Wait, …. She’s stopping at my cage! My sister, Ashley, is all fired up and dancing for attention. Damn, Ashley will steal the show again. Wait, what!?! Nice Lady is picking me up! And not putting me down! And walking away! And we’re in a car!

I had a new Mommy! But where are we going, this place looks looks weird – too many people & cars, why did Mommy stop? Wait, a hooman is coming to the car and sitting down. He looks confused & ask Mommy who I am. Silly wabbit. Then it hit me, I have TWO HOOMANS!

This second one is called Daddy, he looks funny but I think I’ll keep him. He looks over to Mommy and asks the silliest question ever… “whose puppy is that?”. However, my super power of InterGalactic Adorability and I won him over in a few hot seconds.

However …

I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about my forever home and Daddy asking if some hoomans called ‘Ma and Pa’ knew about me and were okay with me coming home. What a goofball Daddy was, who wouldn’t want to snuggle and hug the most cutest puppy ever? Turns out, Ma & Pa would be two of those people. But, I have my newly discovered power of adorability and quickly won their hearts.

Now, I have FOUR HOOMANS!!!


I have three sisters, although one of them (Sadie) is a weirdo just arches her back and hisses at me when I try to say hello. Crazy critter even takes swats at me, it’s fun playing with her. There are two older puppies here that are not too sure about me. The little on (Mocha) is like that ball they threw for me inside the shelter – zinging all over the place. And she just won’t shut up! We get it, you noticed a stranger, you can call off the alert. The other one (Maggie) is a bigger, calmer puppy that is just chillin’ and gettin used to me.

This new world is huge and my family loves to play with me! How lucky can a puppy get! My outside is a quadrabazillion miles long and full of furry & goofy friends. I love the squirrels, chipmunks, & wabbits but you’ll hear about those in future editions.


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