“Bin der, Dun dat…”

A T Many people wonder, exactly what do we do while out on deployment. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not ‘just like a cruise ship’. The following paragraphs are a snapshot of daily life onboard NITZE.             The typical day starts at 0600 with reveille. This is when the boatswains mate of the watch, or…More


Hello again my lost friend, what brings you to my little scgnorpflet of the wondernet? Fear not, we welcome all strangers as brothers we have yet to meet. By the time I arrived onboard USS AMERICA (CVA 666 ) had gained a reputation as a ‘slightly odd character who talked to gear sets and turbines’.…More

The Adventures of Super Puppy: Origins…

My name is Ashton, my destiny is Super Puppy,,, I didn’t start out life knowing how special I am. In fact, my life started out quite the opposite. Me and my baby sister were taken from our mommy on a cold February morning and dropped off the side of a dirt road in very rural…More

Courage… Valor… Integrity

Courage, Valor, Integrity… the ‘official’ motto of USS STOUT DDG 55; I’magunna raise the el crappe’ de bull flag on just about all tree of dem statements based on my two year tour, my two year tour … So let’s sit back and hear a tale, a tale of a clueless Chief… STOUT was a…More


The Centrifugal Molecular stills were developed over 60 years ago by Eastman Kodak to separate Vitamin E from Vegetable oils. Over the years molecular distillation has proven to be one of the mildest ways of processing heat-sensitive materials.   The units have been used for removing unwanted characteristics from material (smell, color) & to increase product…More


I have always been drawn towards history, military history to be more specific. In high school I was drawn towards the World Wars I & II. WIth lack of realistic options after high school, I attempted to join the Navy but I was underweight and could not be waivered. However, after Lady Luck had signed…More

A Very Special (mis)Adventure of Fireman Timmy

Sometimes we get lucky and Timmy arrives as a set of ‘brothers from a different mother’. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to encounter a pair of recent Boiler Technician “A” School graduates on my Bird Farm. These two young sailors had allegedly graduated with honors in their “A” School class. For those not familiar with the…More


This tale begins in April of 2001 when my first, and only, six month deployment began onboard USS Stout. While I had only been onboard for less than six months, I came to Stout directly from my previous ship, USS McClusky (FFG-41) out of San Diego. This was to be my fifth consecutive year at…More

A Weak @ Sea

It’s mid March in 2007, we, the USS Nitze (DDG-94), are patrolling a box of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mogadishu, Somalia in a United Nations operation to curtail pirating of private and commercial vessels. It is also an attempt to identify and break the lines of communication for Al Qaeda and the…More

The (mis)Adventures of Fireman Timmy

Before we begin our journey, no Timmy’s were harmed in the writing of this blog. Fireman (FN) Timmy is a generic name us ‘old school’ sailors use in our sea stories, it is simply a random name that works well in our stories and is not intended to offend any of the Timmy’s out there…More